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At Home Care and Repair LLC, we provide dependable, effective property management services tailored to your requirements. Our crew is made up of devoted professionals, individuals who strive for your success and the success of your rental. We make it our objective to offer the best possible service every day – no matter what. Home Care and Repair LLC does not have any initial setup or hidden fees. You’re not charged for lease renewals or when the property is vacant.

For Condos and Homes, expect to pay a monthly Management Fee of six to eight percent and a one-time Tenant Placement Fee. For Apartment structures with five units or more, expect to pay a monthly Management Fee of five to six percent and a one-time Tenant Placement Fee.




Move Out Inspection


Move-in Inspection

Home Care and Repair LLC represents owners with eviction proceedings with current non-paying tenants, and in the rare occurrence a tenant placed with by our firm in a unit leads to eviction, we will represent the owner in court every step of the way with no cost, except outside eviction attorney expense.

Our up-to-date resident screening pulls criminal background checks and credits, along with rental history and employment verification.

Leasing Services

If you want us to get a good tenant for your estate, at Home Care and Repair LLC we offer a Leasing Only Service. If you like better the day-to-day management of your property but don’t have the time to market and show vacancies on a moment’s notice, nor the knowledge in selecting a new tenant and putting in order the right documents; this is the right program for you!